Equestrian Clothing and Equipment and Why They are Important


If you have been into horse riding for a while then you definitely know how essential it is to have the right equipment and clothing like Weatherbeeta rugs. Sure, you can go horseback riding without any special gear. Nevertheless, one should have them for various reasons.

One of the top reasons for making horse gear and clothing is safety. Horse riding is relatively safe. However, it is not bad to take caution. One of the major components for safety is the riding helmet. The helmet is a crucial piece of gear to have on especially if you love horse racing. This is simply just for the protection of your head from any injuries that might come about from falling and hitting your head.

Tops, jackets, and coats are other stuff that people usually buy. All these things are meant to facilitate free movement. The tops can have sleeves that are either long of short, however they should not be oversized. One can also buy specially designed coats suitable for riding. Such coats have a split up the back, which is great at providing unrestricted movements on the saddle.

Gloves are also very important part of the riding gear. Riding gloves are meant to give you a good grip as well as help protect your hands in case of a fall. They have different designs and materials, some are made of leather while some are woven. However, in most cases you will find that in areas where the reins pass through the fingers these kinds of gloves are very reinforced.

Aside from these, horse riding also has special footwear, which people can purchase to help enhance the riding process. The boots come in different ways some are long riding boots while others are short ankle boots. The right type of riding boots should have a heel of around one inch high, which is meant to stop the foot from slipping through the stirrup. The sole must also be relatively thin and flat.

With the right kind of country boots such as Dublin country boots, you are also sometimes required to have a specific type of socks. The right pairs of socks can save you a lot of trouble during the cold season because they prevent your feet from going numb. This enhances your riding experience and it also caters for your comfortably.

People also use jodhpurs and breeches. These are simply riding pants that allow free movement because of their capacity of stretching in various directions. They are also padded on the inside such that they can have a longer lifespan. This is necessary because they are always in contact with the flanks and saddle.

It is always a good idea to read a few reviews before choosing where to buy from.

For further reading/watching, please visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewuHSomGuxg .


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